TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Feds Confirm Traffic Fatalities on the Rise (link)

NY Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bill That Would Have Kept Transit Funds for Transit (link)

Chaos at D.C. Taxicab Meeting as Cabbies Shout Down Regulators (link)

Golden Gate Bridge Tolls Could Hit $8 (link)


The head of the TSA told lawmakers steps have been taken to prevent racial profiling. (Star-Ledger)

A pair of New York City taxi medallions sold at auction for a record $2.5 million. (WSJ)

Manhattan's district attorney isn't filing charges against a cab driver who severed a tourist's leg. (NYT)

San Francisco's Central Subway construction is stirring up rats. "They climb up and down the fence like Spider-Man," said one man. (SF Gate)

Florida's Orange County says its red light traffic cama era pilot program is working, and they are planning to add dozens more cameras by next spring. (WMFE)

Data viz alert: what are traffic waves, and why do they happen? We could explain it to you -- or you could just look at interactive graphic at KQED.

Today's Story Corps: when a subway broke down underground for two hours, a friendship was formed between the conductor and a passenger. (NPR)