TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A London bike lane


New York, San Francisco, Boston Top List of Country's Most Walkable Cities (link)

D.C. Takes to Twitter to Shame Cars in Bike Lanes (link)

When Will D.C.'s Streetcar Run? Officials Stick With 'Soon' (link)


Maryland's DOT received approval from the state to pursue a public-private partnership for its Purple Line. (WaPo)

Five years, $200 million: how New York's MTA is bringing Wi-Fi to subway stations. (NY1)

Cities across America are counting on streetcars to solve the last mile problem. (NPR)

More on Chicago's fare payment system problems. (Marketplace)

An NBC investigation into California tour buses revealed that drivers routinely speed and use cell phones while driving. (NBC Los Angeles)

And: two of those drivers have been suspended. (NBC Los Angeles)

Speeding around Chicago schools and parks has declined by 60 percent since surveillance cameras started churning out $100 tickets. (Chicago Sun-Times)

London is expanding its network of protected bike lanes. (Guardian)

A Chinese property company is building South Africa's new financial hub. (Quartz)