TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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CitiBike, New York City.


Super Bowl Organizers Tout Transit Readiness for New Jersey-Hosted Game (link)

NYC's "Horror Show" Streetlights to be Replaced (link)

PHOTOS: Subway Kittens Contained -- For Now (link)

New Highway Along Beltway is Road Less Traveled (link)


In almost every European country, bikes are outselling new cars. (NPR)

Overheard on Amtrak: a former NSA chief on the phone, having an on-background phone call with a reporter. (Washington Post)

Phoenix's light rail system had a total power failure. (Arizona Republic)

New York City's bike share program has survived its first legal challenge: a court ruled it doesn't have to remove a dock. (AP via WSJ)

D.C. cab drivers are joining the teamsters. (WaPo)

Bikes will now be allowed on BART trains...permanently. (Contra Costa Times)

A new study says a nation full of driverless cars "could save $447 billion and 21,700 lives annually by preventing 4.2 million crashes and reducing fuel consumption by 724 million gallons." (Politico)

The U.S. Navy paid a Texas scrap metal firm one penny to haul off and dismantle an inactive aircraft carrier. (Houston Chronicle)

Saudi women are driving -- and posting videos of it, in open defiance of that country's ban on women behind the wheel. (NPR)