TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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The El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station, closed during the first BART strike in July


Buono to Christie on NJ Transit: "Man Up" (link)

New Highway Won't Turn Dulles Airport Into Major Cargo Player (link)


BART strikewatch: with less than 24 hours to go before another strike becomes possible, several issues reportedly remain unresolved between union and management. (KQED)

And it's getting confusing. Tweet from @IsabelAngell: "BART unions press release says two sides almost reached a deal, but BART backed out. BART says that is 'categorically untrue.'"

A bill to license bicyclists in Georgia died in committee.

Now New York City's 'Taxi of Tomorrow' is in doubt, the future of the city's cab fleet could become a lot more hybrid. (NY Times)

It doesn't matter how you text -- even voice-to-text smartphone apps are still distracting while you're driving. (KUHF)

Over the protest of Minneapolis, metro leaders signed off on a $160 million plan to hide part of the region’s biggest light-rail line in tunnels through a recreational ­corridor in the city. (Star-Tribune)

Now the shutdown is getting real: DOT head Anthony Foxx is neither twittering nor blogging.

Pittsburgh's bike-share program is moving forward, but now its city council has the power to approve stations. (Post Gazette)

IKEA hack: how to turn a stool into a kid's balance bike. Pro tip: it helps to own a 3D printer. (Coroflot)

Bicycling in Bangkok is on the rise -- but it's got a long way to go. "Even the transport minister was unaware that his own upscale neighborhood has a bike lane." (AP)

Betty White -- and the captain of the Love Boat -- star in Air New Zealand's safety video.