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Judge Invalidates NYC's Taxi of Tomorrow (link)

De Blasio: Protected Bike Lanes Are A "Success" (link)

Street Redesign Advice From NYC DOT: Move Swiftly and Cheaply -- and Don't Forget About the Seating (link)

VIDEO: What It Takes to Build D.C.'s First Streetcar in 50 Years (link)


D.C.'s Metro is short $74 million after the District failed to make its quarterly payment to the transit agency’s annual operating budget. Reason: the shutdown. The District's budget is appropriated by Congress. (WaPo)

Most school buses are rolling again in Boston, a day after an unexpected strike. (WBUR)

Although unions did not issue a strike notice, that doesn't mean BART workers are ruling out the possibility. Bottom line: some in San Francisco are preparing for a strike on Friday. (SF Chronicle)

New York's highest court is reviewing three cases in which drivers killed pedestrians while under the influence -- leaving open the possibility that extremely heavy drinking could be a defense in vehicular homicide cases. (New York Times)

Photos: close, personal portraits of NYC's subway conductors. (Slate)

NJ Transit is scheduled to return to pre-Hurricane Sandy levels of train service next week. (Star-Ledger)

The leader of a group of truckers who have vowed to descend upon the Capitol now says they won't "arrest" congressmen. (US News)

Or maybe the whole trucker thing was a hoax in the first place. (WaPo)

A conversation with Michelle Mowery, L.A.'s 'bike czar.' Question: how do you shop by bike in L.A.? Her response: use a bike trailer, but be aware that "Costco is harder. One package of toilet paper and it’s all filled up.” (L.A. Times)

Twenty days after five assailants brutally beat and robbed a man at a light-rail station in Five Points, Denver's chief of police acknowledged his department waited too long to warn the public and release details about the attack. (Denver Post)

The word 'epic' gets thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to advertising. But this commercial for a Swedish bus company earns the term. (H/T DC Streetsblog)


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