TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web

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Top Stories on TN:

Video: Biking across the hudson river only takes about 15 minutes. (Link)

Californians want the benefits of high-speed rail but not the price tag. (Link)


Links from Elsewhere:

NJ Gov. Christie blames NJ Transit missteps during Sandy on "a lower-level middle manager," not top brass. And Christie blamed civil service rules for why nobody has been fired. But NJ Transit doesn't fall under civil service rules, and that explanation contradicts what NJ Transit has said for months. (Record)

79% of Americans say they should walk more. But 40% of them also say they can't walk because their own neighborhoods are built for cars, not pedestrians. (Link)

Also in the study category. APTA finds that Millennials prefer transit even after they become parents. (BetterCities)

The NTSB won't send investigators to the scene of a deadly bus crash because of the government shutdown. (NBC)

The MTA’s Bus Time program is set to expand to Manhattan this month, according to signs spotted in Manhattan subway stations. (Streetsblog)

Study finds an Illinois bullet train would be feasible, but it would cost a whole lot. (Crains Chicago via DirectTransfer)

Here are a few more numbers on that private rail line plan from Miami to Orlando we mentioned yesterday. (NextCity)

You know who was a sustainable transportation supporter? Gandhi. (CityFix)

The case for a car-free city life, made in snarky cartoons. (AtlanticCities)

Cool fact: Since last year, NYC sewers have been remotely monitored to prevent overflows. (UntappedCities

Three vehicles have fallen off of America's longest bridge this year, landing in Lake Ponchatrain in Louisiana. (WVUE h/t Gail D.)