TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web

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The Firefly bike keeps you dry and glowing.


D.C. studies nine-mile streetcar line running through National Mall (Link)

Deal reached for new rail link between Orlando and Miami. (Link)



If there is such a thing as peak sprawl, Atlanta has reached it. And if Atlanta reached it, has America? (AtlanticCities)

Tesla stock tumbles after a video of a Model S ablaze goes viral. (USA Today)

The first NYC Citi Bike injury lawsuits are coming in ... from pedestrians who tripped over the docks. One is blind and wants $500. Another is asking for $1 million. (DNAInfo)

One community board member in Harlem says Citi Bike docks are coming north. Doesn't know when. (NYDailyNews)

Remember that midtown NYC cabbie who jumped a curb, maimed a tourist allegedly trying to hit a cyclist in a fit of road rage? Well he wasn't charged and he got his hack license back. (Streetsblog)

On that transportation funding stalemate in Penn, Republicans want the prevailing wage law changed and are tying that to road repair money. (WITF)

Here's how not to get out of a ticket. Don't call 911 in front of the cops and report a fake nearby shooting to distract the police. (LongIslandPress via NYT)

And for a dose of fun, consider this pedal-powered glowing orb vehicle. The Firefly is a tricycle for night and rain riding, covered in a translucent glowing cover. (Inhabitat)