TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links From Around the Web

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Everything you need to know about the Metro-North delays as of Monday AM. (Link)

Senators are now demanding an investigation into the outage. (Link)

And the MTA says that improvised power boost on the New Haven line won't help much. (Link)



No survivors in the Santa Monica private jet crash. (CNN)

Chicago's is dropping a plan to privatize Midway airport. Why you might ask? Because of the city's already privatized parking meters. (NPR)

In NYC, nearly 70% of voters want protected bike lanes. (Daily News)

Seattle's public transit expansion may open early. (Seattle Times via DirectTransfer)

Fresno is considering allowing cars into a struggling pedestrian mall. (SFGate via DirectTransfer)

GM is using 3D scanning to “benchmark” competitor’s cars (Gas2)

Pennsylvania House leaders are gearing up for a possible showdown on transportation funding. (WHYY's Newsworks)

A shift in the way NJ hands out bridge repair money has some counties crying pothole! (

A very inside transit interview with Chicago's Transit Agency on big impact projects. (Metro mag)

The four types of jaywalkers: an illustrated morphology of bad pedestrians circa 1924 (Brainpickings)