TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web

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Con Ed: It Could Take Three Weeks to Repair Metro-North Power Outage (link)

BART Plans for Another Strike (link)

Federal Loan Process for Tappan Zee Moves Forward (link)

Commuters Try to Make the Best of Metro-North Problems (link)


An FAA advisory committee has voted to ease restrictions on electronic devices during takeoff and landing. (Politico)

On today's Brian Lehrer Show: a listener call-in for beleaguered Metro-North commuters. (WNYC)

California is getting more of its oil shipments by rail. And bringing crude into the state "involves traversing some of the most challenging mountain passes in the nation." Safety concerns, anyone? (LA Times)

When it comes to getting the Keystone XL into the U.S., Canada's prime minister won't take 'no' for an answer. "This won't be final until it's approved." (Bloomberg)

NYC DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan on her post-Bloomberg future: "I want to continue working in the field...I'm looking forward to helping other cities." (WSJ)

VIDEO: mayoral candidate Joe Lhota takes a Citi Bike tour of his Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Come for his knowledge of biking laws --  "If you want to go on the Promenade, we can. I know it's illegal" -- and stay for his design critique: "These seats are the most bloody uncomfortable seats on a bike, I swear to god." (NY Daily News)

The president of Brazil is looking for corporate investors for her country's massive infrastructure plan. (Reuters)

Teenage drivers are almost eight times as likely to get into a fatal accident when they are carrying two or more teen passengers. (Washington Post)

Poll: 88% of Texans say the state should ban texting while driving. (KUHF)

Jet Blue is testing a farm stand at its JFK Airport terminal. (Crain's NY)