TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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"Oh look, there's a kitten juggling a human head!" NYC's Safest Cabbie Passes WNYC Crash Test (link)

What You Need To Know About NYC Bus Route Changes (link)


Will traffic deaths rise as more states legalize marijuana? Researchers are divided. Friendly reminder: "It is illegal in all states to drive while impaired by marijuana." (AP)

The NYC subway bedbug count now stands at 21 separate sightings in the month of August alone. (NYDN)

The entire country of Germany has banned Uber. (BBC)

Some cities are using art — as in murals painted on the road — to slow traffic. (FastCoExist)

A man fainted on a Shanghai subway, and "the passengers around him scattered. Not a single person tried to help." (NPR)

Your car is watching you: GM will become the first major automaker to install eye-tracking capabilities in its cars. (Quartz)

Enjoy your dining options, Penn Station travelers, because it's the place where "the specter of culinary surrender is never far-off." But a new day may be dawning. (NYT)

Hope you're not trying to take a bus in Saskatoon today, because a maintenance backlog is leading to a shortage of available buses. (Global News)

Changes to taxi rules will put more wheelchair-accessible cabs on D.C. streets. (WaPo)

If you see something, text something: BART now has an app transit riders can use to report suspicious activity. (Government Technology)

Cold case: 25 years after a fatal car crash, Westchester County police are still looking for the bail-skipping driver. (Journal News)

A Minneapolis Green Line train struck and killed a headphone-wearing pedestrian. (StarTribune)

Cyclists, it's time to talk about our painful shoaling problem. (Atlantic Cities)

Is this truly an unstealable bike? You be the judge. (SFist)