TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Uber's "ruthless efforts to undermine its competitors" include requesting rides from Lyft and other companies, then recruiting their drivers. (The Verge)

A worker at Volkwagen’s Chattanooga, Tenn. Plant is forming a new union to fight the United Auto Workers, which now represents workers at the factory. (Business Insider)

China looks to invest $16 billion in electric vehicle infrastructure, "hoping to fight its growing pollution problems." (Fortune)

Truck drivers who use insulin to treat their diabetes will be exempt from certain federal safety rules. (The Hill)

Malaysia Airlines is cutting staff and routes, after two crashes in less than five months. (WSJ)

Flooding closed highways and uprooted trees blocked roads in Detroit, again. (Free Press)

The cable car system in Medellín, Colombia “improves accessibility to metro stops and employment opportunities for some low-income residents.” (City Fix)

Senators are once again picking up the Highway Trust Fund fight, as the summer recess draws to a close. (The Hill)

Designers and architects are trying to make airports into “a destination, instead of just a thoroughfare.”  (CityLab)

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is hosting a “16-film ride through the history of the New York City subway.” (BAM)

“Aircraft engines suck in an Olympic size swimming pool of air every second,” which is a problem if a volcano erupts and that air is full of ash. (Marketplace)

In honor of National Dog Day, the story of Owney, a 19th century celebrity dog, who "rode the rails and the wagons on top of mailbags as the mascot of the mailmen." (Smithsonian Mag)