TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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This is what Burning Man normally looks like, without a rainstorm.


Subway Train Traveled Uptown on Downtown Track (link)


More than $500 million in highway safety grants “aimed at reducing the number of crashes and deaths” is sitting around in state coffers waiting to be spent. (Detroit News)

Remember the bridge in Delaware that shut down in June because it wasn’t level? The one that carries 90,000 cars a day, along I-495? It just had “an unceremonious reopening.” (USA Today)

A man fleeing police in Los Angeles was arrested after he “steered right into rush hour traffic and was boxed in.” (LA Times)

Brooklyn crossing guards would focus on intersections “near nursing homes and senior centers while kids are in class,” under a new proposal. (Brooklyn Paper)

A passenger on a flight from Newark to Denver used a banned Knee-Defender device, which prevents the seat in front from reclining. The passenger sitting in front of him threw water in his face. (AP

Tesla CEO Elon Musk replies personally to people who email with complaints or suggestions about his company’s vehicles. (Green Car Reports)

A global bikeshare overview, with this fun fact: Over the last seven years, China “went from no public bikes to 650,000.” (South China Morning Post)

Electric mountain bikes “may offer an aging demographic a new lease on riding.” (Bicycle Retailer

A bride in England partnered with her local railway to rent a specially-decorated "wedding train," to bring her and her guests to the ceremony. "I didn't feel the need to hire a fancy car when there is a reliable and convenient train service around the corner from where I live." (Merseyrail)

Commuters can catch a Bristol, U.K. bus at the new bup stop installed by the city. Yes, bup. (Guardian UK)

Heavy rains in the Nevada desert delayed the opening of the Burning Man Festival, causing a 3-mile traffic jam. (SFist)