TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Nicholas George looks under a buckled highway just outside of Napa, California after earthquake struck the area in the early hours of August 24, 2014.


What Happens If a Livery Service Hires Unlicensed Drivers? (link)

6,000 New Boro Taxis Coming to NYC Streets (link)


A California overpass "showed several areas where the roadway had separated and concrete had crumbled" after Sunday's earthquake. (LA Times)

Airspace over a volcano in Iceland is closed after earthquakes in the area. (BBC)

Car title loans are "a $4-billion-a-year business that critics say preys on struggling families," and Texas is trying to rein them in. (Texas Tribune

Car sharing is on the rise in China as cities seek to ease "severe air pollution and traffic congestion" and "stem the rising tide of private cars." (Sustainable Cities)

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has launched an "Infra-Space" initiative, to "figure out something useful to do with all those sketchy places underneath the highway." (Boston Globe)

"Towering signs"  with eight separate parking injunctions near an LA School are coming down, after resident complaints. (LA Times

Complaining on social media is a form of "commuter therapy." (LoHud)  

When Boston required in-person interviews to qualify for the city's on-demand transit service, the number of elderly people using the service plummeted. (Boston Globe)

New York's City Council has an unofficial five-member "bike caucus," "reflecting the growing trend of New Yorkers who prefer riding on two wheels." (NY Daily News)