TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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School buses parked outside P.S. 234 in Manhattan.

Fewer Philadelphia students may get free bus passes, and paying for kids transport can "add up to hundreds of dollars out of parents’ pockets."  (Marketplace)

Freight trains "carrying only a residue of poisonous or toxic materials" will be exempt from automated safety measures, under a new federal rule. (The Hill)

People with first class seats on United Airlines flights now get “meals such as chicken and mozzarella on a tomato focaccia roll,” even on short flights. Plebes get potato chips and bananas. (AP)

The two Draganflyer X6 aircraft - aka drones - owned by the Los Angeles Police Department are "locked up in a federal building until police and the public agree on their use." (LA Times)

A person or persons unknown are smearing excrement on the door handles of police cars in New York City’s Greenwich Village. (DNA Info)

It’s official: D.C.’s Silver Line will get a $1.2 billion loan from the Department of Transportation. (The Hill)

Paris is considering a scooter-share system, renting the "100% electric, quiet, and non-polluting" along a bike-share model. (Sustainable Cities)

Fighting around the airport in Tripoli, Libya disrupted air travel in the region Thursday, with both Tunisia and Egypt canceling flights. (AP

A new iPhone app will let Tesla owners start their cars with their phones. And name their cars, for some reason. (FastCo

Traffic cameras caught more than 17,000 New Jersey drivers allegedly running red lights, but the drivers were never sent the tickets. So the tickets are all getting dismissed. (

Friday eye candy: the 10 most beautiful bikes in the world. (BBC)