TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A Citi Bike station

Detroit will get $750,000 from the federal government to fix roads and bridges damaged in recent floods. (Detroit News

Workers at New York's Citi Bike bikeshare system can vote to unionize as soon as next month. (WSJ)

Cars are talking to each other in a pilot program "that automakers and federal regulators hope will usher in a new era of road safety." (NY Times)

The California Highway Patrol officer who was filmed beating a woman on a freeway shoulder "could face serious charges." (NY Post)

A "motorized exoskeleton" might help paralyzed people walk. (WBUR)

Paper is so last century. New Yorkers could soon get their parking tickets by email. (PIX 11)

New Jersey has a team of bike-riding paramedics. "If there's a tightly-congested area, they can get right there." (7Online)

Grand Rapids, Mich. is about to get the state's first bus rapid transit network. (MLive)

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn bought a share in Hertz, and "wants to discuss" the company's "operational failures." (Bloomberg)

People who engage in active commuting like walking and biking are happier than "those who passively endure either traffic congestion or transit crowds." But commuter rail riders also like their trips, maybe because they can "be productive" en route. (CityLab)