TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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People on the no-fly list may soon have a way to get off it. Or at least see if they're on it. (AP)

Torrential rains in Phoenix stranded drivers and closed 13 miles of a local interstate. (NPR)

Delivery startups are back, but this time, they “have dispensed with warehouses, trucks and full-time drivers.” (NY Times)

Portland's newest bridge will have light rail trains, streetcars, city buses, pedestrians, and bikes. Private cars? No way.  (CityLab)

Uber has hired political strategist David Plouffe as its new "campaign manager," helping the company "compete against the strong taxi lobby and to make sure it faced fewer roadblocks in the new cities it entered." (NY Times)

China's cities are recreating America's "discredited urban planning templates" of "car headaches and endless sprawl." (Guardian

If you're the owner of one of the 20 General Motors vehicles subject to a recall for a faulty ignition switch, at least you can now find key information in one GM-backed website. (Reuters)

And a new federal website lets owners of any car or motorcycle check whether their vehicle has been recalled too. (Business Insider)

The FAA has extended a ban on "low-flying aircraft" over Ferguson, Missouri as protests over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown continue. (The Hill)

Hundreds of San Diego cyclists are expected to join a ride to support a man critically injured by a wrong-way driver. (Fox 5 San Diego)

An elderly woman almost backed into Jerry Seinfeld's vintage Porsche, and he got upset, yadda yadda. (NY Post