TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Texas is taking the lead on high-speed rail in America, planning a Dallas to Houston route running at 205 miles an hour. (Next City)

Las Vegas has essentially no mass transit, despite having "a density that approaches that of Manhattan on a business day" on the strip. (CityLab)

Livery drivers in the Bronx are "on edge" after two drivers were killed this month. "The deaths raised the specter of the 1990s, when dozens of drivers were killed on the job in a single year and many more were assaulted or robbed." (NY Times)

You could soon get “virtually everything you now get on your mobile device” projected onto your windshield, thanks to a device called Navdy. Some people think this might not be a great idea. (WaPo

A Canadian robot has completed its 6,000-kilometer hitchhiking adventure from Nova Scotia to Victoria. HitchBOT is a “chatty, social media-savvy robot, about the size of a six-year-old child,” and was designed to ask whether robots can trust human beings. (CBC

The Federal Aviation Administration has banned flights over Syria. (The Hill)

D.C.'s Metro system cannot bar musicians from performing outside stations, under a preliminary injunction. (DCist)

A man who impersonated a TSA agent to lure women into “private screenings” at San Francisco’s airport will not face charges, after the women he allegedly assaulted did not come forward. (SFist)

People keep getting into strangers’ cars because they think they’re Uber. (ValleyWag

A new app turns the New York City subway map into visualizations of scheduled train arrivals, turnstile activity, and neighborhood demographics. And the music in the demo video is very catchy. (via FastCo Design

Tunnel Vision NYC from Bill on Vimeo.