TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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14 Injured After Times Square Bus Collision (link)

Streetcars Run Into Problems As Operator Training Begins On H Street (link)

LIRR Disability Fraud Could Happen Again, Says GAO Report (link)


Bedbugs were found on at least three NYC subway trains. (NYDN)

Private investors are very interested in California's high-speed rail project. (Sacramento Business Journal)

One of the drivers involved in yesterday's tour bus crash in Times Square has been charged with driving while ability impaired. (WSJ)

Wealthy New Yorkers are desperate to have their names on 'sponsor-a-highway' signs in the Hamptons. “Finally, I begged them. I said, ‘Here’s my AmEx card, just bill me whenever you want!’" (NY Post)

The world's highest railway (elevation: 16,404 feet) will roll even closer to Mount Everest this month when China inaugurates a stretch of track connecting the Tibetan cities of Lhasa and Shigatse. (CNN)

London is testing free Wi-Fi on some city buses. (Tech Digest)

The love locks craze has come to D.C., and city workers are readying their bolt cutters. (WaPo)

Thieves can hack your car's keyless entry system. (Freep)

Freight railroad companies need to buy better insurance. "Most freight railroad insurance policies couldn’t begin to cover damage from a moderate oil train accident, much less a major disaster." (Politico)

Vox makes the case against time zones, which have their origins in...rail time.

Everybody PUSH! After a man trapped his leg between a train and the rail platform, commuters in Perth tilted the train. (National Post)