TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A NYC DOT public art installation


MTA Wants to Keep Second Avenue Subway Momentum Going (link)

Intermittent Service Resumes on Staten Island Railway (link)

Video: The Circle of Life on the NYC Subway (link)


Why yes, the Port Authority is being subpoenaed by various prosecutorial entities. (Star-Ledger)

Public transit ridership has hit a record high in Nashville. (The Tennessean)

Perhaps predictably, thieves have stolen dozens of bizarre signs that were part of a NYC DOT public art installation. (Reaction to said installation from man on the street: "What the hell is that? It makes no sense to me. I could sit here all day and it’d still make no sense.") (DNA Info)

The driver who struck and killed a former Napster executive turns out to have been texting behind the wheel. (Salon)

Austin's City Council has unanimously decided to ask voters in November to authorize the city to borrow $600 million toward the cost of a $1.4 billion, 9.5-mile light rail line in central and southeast Austin. (AP via Newschannel 10)

What happens when a Beijing man invites women into his Lamborghini? A social experiment confirms monetary status matters. (NPR)

Leaky ceilings, catcalls,and uncaged pythons: four hours on NYC's worst subway line. (Daily Beast)

Cast yourself back to 1919, when you had tickets to a Brooklyn Dodgers game at Ebbets Field. How do you get there? Here's a map from the Brooklyn Historical Society, complete with elevated subway lines.