TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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VIDEO: Man Didn't Mind The Gap, But Fellow Passengers Help Him Out (link)

NYC Airports on Record Pace (link)

Cab Pass You By Because Of Your Race? D.C. Streamlines Complaint Process (link)

Driver in Times Square Bus Crash Arrested (link)


On the White House and high-speed rail: "The Obama administration has spent nearly $11 billion since 2009 to develop faster passenger trains, but the projects have gone mostly nowhere and the United States still lags far behind Europe and China." (NYT)

Republicans see Uber as the "perfect opportunity to help sell the GOP’s free-market, lower-regulation message to a younger generation of voters they’ve struggled to win over in the past few elections and who often feel alienated by the GOP’s social conservatism." (Politico)

And Uber and Lyft are now legal in Houston. (Houston Public Media)

A plan to link Chicago, Fort Wayne and Columbus by rail is gaining momentum. (

The man who heads the investment firm purchasing a majority stake in Citi Bike keeps a low profile. (WSJ)

Milwaukee's bike share program is expanding — and it now has a name. Meet...Bublr. (Milwaukee Business-Journal)

Unsurprisingly, New York State's Thruway Authority voted to accept $256 million in Clean Water funds for the Tappan Zee Bridge. (Journal News)

In preparation for the upcoming hurricane, Honolulu will shut down transit service — and use city buses to transport residents to shelters. (Pacific Business News)

Florida's new SunRail commuter rail line is considering operating on weekends. (Daytona Beach News Journal)

"A Norwegian man crashed his car after a wasp stung him near his genitals as he was driving." (NYDN)

Detroit can't even afford batteries to power its parking meters. (Governing)

Want to stay cool on your NYC summer bike ride? Pro tip: bike near the water. (DNA Info)

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