TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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The recent deal between the MTA and Long Island Rail Road workers will cost the agency $147 million. (link)


More people are riding trains in Los Angeles. But a lot of them didn't seem to pay a fare. Local officials "are taking note of the disparities between Metro’s ridership estimates and the numbers of tickets being counted at rail stations." (LA Times)

The pilots of the Air Algerie flight that crashed last week "had asked to turn back," according to information on their black box recorders. (BBC)

Flights to major Chinese airports may face widespread delays Tuesday because of military drills off the southeastern coast. The disruption "underscores the huge challenges faced by commercial airlines in China, where military flights are given precedence over civilian ones." (WSJ

San Francisco Muni riders will be paying an extra quarter for their rides, starting September 1st. (SFist)

Auto rickshaws are getting a tech upgrade in India: “In a country clogged with congestion, a handful of startups are using technology to more easily connect auto-rickshaw drivers with customers — an Indian twist to Uber and Lyft, the taxi-hailing apps.” (Times of India)

The "ginormous crane that will help build the new Tappan Zee Bridge" got new software for its complex computer systems. (

Subway acrobats are "cheered by tourists, tolerated by regulars, feared by those who frown upon kicks in the face." (NY Times)

If drivers of app-hail services like Uber rely on GPS for navigation, they might never learn city streets. According to science! (City Lab)

For a fleeting moment yesterday evening, passengers could find out their Uber rating. (Medium

Southwest Airlines may have to pay the second-largest fine in Federal Aviation Administration history - $12 million - for maintenance issues on Boeing 737s. (LA Times)

Brooklynites are getting tickets for driving in the bus lane months after the violations occurred, and they are not pleased. (Brooklyn Paper)

So many New Yorkers are trying to use Lyft that they're loving it "into uselessness." (

A Connecticut dad let his son test drive his car. And it went as well as you'd think: he crashed it into a house across the street. (Gothamist)