TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Capital Bikeshare at the Central Library in Arlington County, VA. April 2013


A new report says NY's MTA is facing a $12 billion gap between what it needs and what it can fund. (link)


A police crackdown on sex crimes in the NYC subway is producing a sizable jump in arrests this year. (NYDN)

There have been three collisions involving Houston light rail this week. (Chronicle)

A black box was recovered from the Air Algerie crash site, and France is dispatching a military unit to the location in Mali. (NPR)

NYC taxi inspectors say they feel pressured to seize 'illegal' cabs. (DNA Info)

General Motors is taking a big financial hit from all its recalls -- but sales of S.U.V.s are easing the sting. (NYT)

Chicago's commuter rail line is considering allowing pets on trains. (Tribune)

No, Alec Baldwin will not apologize for that bike-on-sidewalk episode last May. (NYT)

The long national nightmare for Capital Bikeshare users may finally be over: the keys are going out. (Capital Bikeshare)

Uber has come to Michigan. (WoodTV)

That Boston transit bus driver who drove off the rode in May won't be getting her license back. (Globe)

Does car ownership help poor people get ahead? "In areas with little transit, having a car clearly helps. The suburbs are home to many low- and middle-income jobs that can be hard to reach without a car." (National Journal)

Etiquette question: how should one tip a racist cab driver? Discuss. (Slate)