TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Gov. Cuomo hopes one of two tracks will be cleared by the Monday morning commute


Strike Averted: MTA, LIRR Agree to Tentative Deal (link)

Governor's Intervention in LIRR Talks Prevents Repeat of History (link)

LIRR Deal Reflects National Trends on Health Care (link)


The Malaysia Airlines flight that exploded over Eastern Ukraine was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, killing 283 passengers and 15 crew members. (NY Times)

With no action on a longterm fix for the Highway Trust Fund, President Obama is asking private companies to help repair the roads. "The result may be more tolls for drivers as companies look to make profits by operating roads and bridges." (Bloomberg News)

Australia is the first developed country in the world to repeal a carbon tax. Airlines were among the companies complaining about the tax, because they "couldn't pass costs on to passengers because of stiff market competition." (Wall Street Journal)

And yet. Airlines took in $31.5 billion in fees last year, a 1,200 percent increase since 2007. Topping the list: Spirit Airlines, where almost 40 percent of revenue came from fees. (LA Times)

Bikeshare systems looking to expand are stymied by one big problem: no bikes. Since a key company went bankrupt in January, cities can't get docking stations or new bicycles. And they probably won't until 2015. (Marketplace)

Montreal's bikeshare might not last that long, though. Memberships are down, and government support is iffy. “Montrealers, if you really want to keep it, show me,” said the city's mayor. "Montreal is a cycling capital, so show me what you want me to do with Bixi.” (Montreal Gazette)

Why haven't electronic bikes taken off in the U.S.? One reason is that "most people still confuse them with scooters." (Bike Portland)

Chrysler is picking up the pace on a Jeep recall, contracting with a new supplier of trailer hitches that need to be replaced. (USA Today)

Los Angeles has a private company reviewing contested parking tickets, where "workers had roughly three minutes to review each ticket challenge." (LA Times)

Pennsylvania police can't use radar guns to catch speeding drivers, and "are forced to rely on less-sophisticated timing methods — like stopwatches and painted lines." But that might be about to change. (Next City)

Do you want the fastest route, the least trafficky route, or the most beautiful one? Choosing a path based on pleasantness only added a few minutes to walks in London, and "for most people, that is a totally doable trade-off for a more delightful walk." (City Lab)

Or maybe public transit can just get more delightful.