TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Google's new self-driving car has a face to make it look a little more human.


MTA and LIRR Unions Trade Verbal Swipes (link)

Panel Cuts Down Cuomo's Request for Tappan Zee Money (link)

Queens Commuters Bracing for LIRR Strike, Too (link)

MTA, LIRR Unions Back at Bargaining Table (link)


The FBI is worried that driverless cars might be turned into "lethal weapons." "One nightmare scenario could be suspects shooting at pursuers from getaway cars that are driving themselves." (Guardian)

Car companies are eying Iran's 78 million consumers as nuclear disarmament talks resume. "US giants such as Chrysler, General Motors and Boeing are moving to establish themselves in Iran once sanctions are lifted." (France 24)

General Motors CEO Mary Barra will testify on Capitol Hill today. Lawmakers are wondering how executives didn't know about ignition switch problems for a decade, even though the company was settling claims about the issue. (Washington Post)

Oh right, people don't just come from Long Island to New York City. They go the other way, too. And there's no plan for them. (Capital New York)

What plans do exist were discussed last night on the Colbert Report, when New York mayor Bill de Blasio sat down for some banter about the strike and the mayor's upcoming trip to Rome. “'If you are over there and the strike actually comes and people can’t get [OUT OF] town, can we just go crash at Gracie Mansion?' Colbert asked." (NY Daily News)

The CEO of Lyft - whose New York launch last week was scrapped - will be on the Brian Lehrer show today. (Brian Lehrer Show)

San Francisco's transit agency is spending $1.2 billion on new light rail cars for the Muni system. Among other features, the "new cars will also have black boxes that will help Muni determine the causes of accidents." (SF Gate)

Streets in New York’s Chinatown may no longer be clogged with idling buses. The city will soon start fining buses that pick up or drop off passengers without a city permit. (DNA Info)

So many people are stealing Citi Bikes and ditching them in Brooklyn that police don't have room to store them. At one precinct, officers are "stashing the bikes in a jail cell — while they wait for Citi Bike officials to pick them up." (NY Post)

Subways around the world have different signage strategies. And it turns out “there may be no such thing as the perfect transit platform terminology.” (City Lab)

Atlanta commuters, there’s a new site to help you plan your public transit voyage. (WABE)

Don’t go looking for Oxygen Street, Adolph Menzel Ring, or the town of Argleton – they’re all invented by mapmakers. Turns out there’s a long history of “trap streets” designed to trip up copyright infringers. (Atlas Obscura)

Riders on Boston transit can now combine photos, hashtags, snark and competition. "Sitting in a “mystery puddle” or avoiding eye contact with an unruly passenger will mean more than just collecting unpleasant T experiences—you could win a game of Bingo on your way to work." (