TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Christie's New Port Man: I Would Have Acted Differently in Bridgegate (link


Boeing thinks air travel will double within 20 years, creating both demand for 37,000 new plans, and major concern among environmentalists. (Marketplace)

With 20 days to spending cuts, there's still no deal to keep the National Highway Trust Fund solvent. A Republican senator called House and Senate plans "an 'embarrassment' and the product of 'cowardice.'” A Democratic senator said Republicans have a “my-way-or-no-highway approach.” (NY Times)

A woman critically injured in a late-May hit and run in midtown Manhattan died Tuesday. The driver has still not been found. (Gothamist

And a woman was killed crossing a Manhattan street, when "she had the walk sign and the light was green for the car too." Two other pedestrians have been struck and killed within two blocks of the crash this year. (DNA Info

The union representing Long Island Rail Road workers made a counteroffer to New York transit officials, ten days before a potential strike that would affect 180,000 commuters. (Newsday)

Winnipeg, Canada, officials proposed a law banning singing on buses. And then they backtracked, fast. (CBC)

If you can afford a Jaguar Land Rover, it could soon display "hazard, speed and navigation graphics to the driver's view." (Engadget)

It's not just city streets that are dangerous: rural roads can be lethal too. And South Carolina's have the most fatalities in the country. (Greenville Online)

The Albanian capital of Tirana is trying to tackle its "monumental pollution problem" by promoting a return to cycling and shake its "slavish love of the car, emblem of capitalism." (Guardian)

Police were chasing a driver who hit and killed a Brooklyn pedestrian last year, according to court documents. That's "contrary to NYPD denials and confirming statements from witnesses who told Streetsblog the crash occurred during a high-speed chase." (Streetsblog)

If New York isn't going to regulate Lyft, Uber's going rogue too. (NY Daily News)

Being bike-friendly seems to be good for business. Bike lanes and bikeshares are  "prized by many millennials born after 1980 and the technology firms and employers who want their services." (Bloomberg)

A new rocket-shaped bike could set a record for human-powered vehicles. By going over 83 miles per hour. (Mashable