TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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No Deal Yet Between MTA and LIRR Workers (link)

Uber to Cap Prices During "Abnormal Disruptions to the Market" (link)

DC Transit Agency Abandons 'Zebras' On Major Bike Lane (link)


Is United going to pay NY-area airport workers a living wage, as required? Hard to say. (

Most people speed on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive, and residents have a solution: “Get those cops out there and give tons of tickets.’’ (Sun Times)

Philadelphia saw fewer DUI arrests after e-hail apps got to town, particularly among drivers under 30. (Plan Philly)

And another rideshare company comes to New York: Lyft starts pickups in Brooklyn and Queens Friday, without approval from the Taxi and Limousine Commission. (Capital NY)

Family members say the woman who abandoned her baby on a subway platform "really needs help." The woman was "twice arrested for prostitution, battled mental health woes and cowered beneath a bed as her baby’s father was murdered in their home, according to relatives." (NY Daily News)

Eighty people were injured when two trains crashed near Durban, South Africa. (SBS)

Major changes are coming to India's rail network, including safety upgrades, improved cleanliness, better food, and online booking. But "a lot of these are announced by every rail minister but we hardly see any of these measures implemented." (Quartz)

The commissioner of the California Highway Patrol is "shocked and concerned" about the now-viral video of an officer punching a woman on the side of the 10 freeway. (KPCC)

Citi Bike is launching a bike valet service at one lower Manhattan location, "so anyone heading to the East Village on a weeknight can be rest assured [sic] that they won’t have to search for a docking point at the end of their trip." The rest of the time, in the rest of the city, you're on your own. (Citi Bike Blog)

An airline pilot averted mutiny on his delayed plane by ordering everyone pizza. (Gawker)

When an Italian official tweeted about her "magnificent" morning train ride, a man who uses a wheelchair replied with the hashtag #VorreiPrendereilTreno - "I Would Like to Take the Train". And hundreds of people, both with and without disabilities, chimed in. "A world where we can land on the moon, but you're not able to take a train? We are fighting with you," one said. (BBC)

 And today's tweet of the day (well, yesterday, late afternoon):