TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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'Las Bicycletas' Hit NYC Streets (link)

Sidewalk Closed: Group Says D.C. Not Focused Enough On Pedestrian Safety (link)


If Congress doesn't replenish the Highway Trust Fund soon, money for transportation projects across the country will run out by the end of August. "No matter how you slice and dice it, it is going to be bad,” according to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. (Huffington Post)

"The most polluting will be punished," said Madrid mayor Ana Botella, describing her city's new smart parking meters. Drivers of gas-guzzlers will pay more to park, fuel-efficient cars get a break. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Subway performers "can be really entertaining when the act is good … but can be really annoying when it just plain sucks." Yelp reviews of NYC subway stations. (Rudin Center)

It's not just Yelp reviewers who have gripes about subway performers: the NYPD crackdown on train acrobats continues. (Gothamist)

Crosswalk countdown timers may be increasing crashes - not, apparently, because pedestrians are making last-minute dashes, but because some drivers slow down and others speed up, causing rear-end collisions. (NPR)

A propane tank on a Philadelphia food truck exploded Tuesday, injuring 12 people, including five who got serious burns. (

Chicago police are cracking down on drivers who don't yield to pedestrians: Tuesday marked the first of 60 "safety enforcement stings to draw attention to the city's 3,000-plus accidents and average of 30 deaths a year caused by vehicles hitting people." (Chicago Tribune)

LA's subway will "run silent and run deep," to preserve the acoustics of Disney Hall. (LA Times) When it begins running in 2020, that is. (LA Times)

The uninitiated finally get insights into New York's shadow transit system, thanks to these dollar van route maps (and videos). (New Yorker)

Inside the Base Station Hotel: the secret building housing all the tech sloooowly bringing cell phone service to NYC subway platforms. By 2017, every station should have people talking too loudly on their phones. (Gizmodo)

Cyclists in Virginia got a little more breathing room yesterday - one extra foot. A new law requires cars to give riders a 3-foot berth when passing. (

Graco adds nearly 2 million rear-facing child car seats to its recall list, on top of the 4.2 million front-facing seats recalled earlier this year. (NY Times)

Gay Talese looks back on the construction of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, which turns 50 this year, and the men who built it. “These guys who put the rivets, they die but their work remains in place,” he said. “There’s no monument to these people.” (NY Times)