TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A faulty rail was apparently not the cause of the Queens subway derailment in May. (NYDN)

North Jersey's three-city bike share program is delayed. "Potential sponsors apparently grew skittish in the wake of publicity surrounding financial troubles facing New York City's bike-share." (WSJ)

Now over five million cars have been recalled due to problems with the airbags. (NYT)

Study: people living in pedestrian-friendly cities make more money — probably because residents are better educated. (Wired)

Prediction: Global spending on capital projects and infrastructure will shift from West to East, and jump to more than $9 trillion a year by 2025. (Reuters)

Where the subway crime is: the NY Daily News breaks it down for you -- and conjures up some suitably ominous language. "Despite the sun-soaked platform and the saltwater-scented air, an uneasy breeze blows through the Broad Channel subway station." (link)

San Francisco will soon start operating a 'shower bus' for the homeless. (CBS)

Cambridge (MA) just got its first bicycle traffic signal. (Globe)

A top U.K. politician is coming out in support of a high-speed rail link in northern England. (BBC)