TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A BART train at the San Francisco Airport station.


Metro in 'Final Stretch' Before Silver Line Service Starts. (link)

No, C Train Riders, You Are Not Getting New Subway Cars. (link)

Traffic Tickets Up Again in NYC. (link)


General Motors is recalling another 3.4 million vehicles because of ignition switch problems, on top of the 2.6 million vehicles already recalled. "Every time they announce a recall I hope that’s the last one — and then a week or two later there’s another one,” one analyst said. (Free Press)

To lure interns to Detroit, companies are running shuttle buses from subsidized housing to downtown offices. Which might help, because the city “has no citywide rail system, and two-thirds of its bus riders called the bus service ‘irritating, frustrating and time consuming.’” (Business Week)

Forget about texting or talking while driving, now Boston’s bus, train and trolley workers can be fired for having their cell phone on them while on duty. “Operators can’t have devices in their possession, such as in a pocket or pocketbook,” under the new order from the MBTA. (WBUR)

When bike lanes are set aside from traffic by planters or green space, cyclists breathe much less pollution - nitrogen dioxide and black carbon, to be precise. (Fast Company

Drowsy and sleep-deprived driving is "an open secret among truckers." How many people die in sleep-related truck crashes? Hard to say, "because the dead don’t speak and the living often plead the Fifth, especially if they are facing criminal charges,” said a former NTSB official. (NY Times)

We’re number one: New York City is the top metro area for thefts of SUVs and crossover vehicles. (Business Week)

A Good Samaritan tries to report and rescue an abandoned Citi Bike, and is rewarded by having a bike sitting in his entryway, annoying his neighbors. (Gothamist)

Just because Delaware is tiny doesn’t mean its bridge woes don’t have consequences, warns Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. "If you're reading this in Miami or in Maine, you may think that's too bad for folks in Wilmington, and you may wish the Delaware DOT all the best in fixing it. But it affects you, too." (The Hill

Seattle moves closer to a deal on Uber, Lyft and other app-hailed car services. (GeekWire)

“A lot of young people” took SEPTA rides during the Philly transit system’s overnight weekend subway service. (

It’s been 100 days since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, and “families of those missing still have no clues as to the fate of their loved ones.” (The Independent)

A car struck a cyclist in the bike-and-pedestrian-only section of a major Virginia bridge. And she happened to catch it on camera. But police still won’t investigate. (The Blaze)

And train maintenance techs from the Bay Area Rapid Transit system won the North American bracket of "the transit industry’s version of the NBA Finals: the International Rail Rodeo." (