TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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"Legs" sculpture in San Francisco's Embarcadero station.


Court Gives Green Light to Accessible Taxis (link)

Judge: Taxi of Tomorrow is Legal (link)


House Republicans have a plan to save the Highway Trust Fund. And so does the White House. Unfortunately, it's not the same plan. (Roll Call

Maybe a higher gas tax would help? A majority of Americans said they'd be willing to pay more tax on gas, if the money was used to fund transportation projects and infrastructure. (The Hill)

But a half-cent tax to fund road a sidewalk repairs is on hold in L.A., even though the city is "over 60 years behind on our streets and over 90 in our sidewalks." (LA Times)

After the Belmont Stakes, racegoers waiting for the Long Island Railroad were left "standing in serpentine lines for hours, berating police officers over a lack of communication from transit and racing officials and, at one point, packing themselves so tightly atop a rickety pedestrian bridge that it had to be cleared for safety." (NY Times)

A man died after being hit by a subway train in New York City early Tuesday, and a man who was assaulted on a subway platform last Friday died Tuesday of his injuries. (NY Post, CBS

First fuel from french fry oil, now this: Ford and Heinz are teaming up to make car parts from tomato fibers. That would be in addition to the company's "coconut-based composite materials, recycled cotton for carpeting and seat fabrics, and soy foam seat cushions and head restraints." (Detroit Free Press)

Ports in Savannah, Georgia and Boston will be open for more, bigger boats soon, now that President Obama authorized major new spending for port projects. (Atlanta Business Chronicle

This Day in History: The Staten Island Ferry's St George's terminal was dedicated June 11, 1951. (WNYC Archives)

BP got the thumbs up for the nation's first commercial drone flight. That's after the FAA "shut down drone operations that were being conducted by groups as varied as an Internet beer company and the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team." (The Hill)

Next stop, England v. Uruguay: Electronic timetables in London Underground stations will display World Cup updates. (Gizmodo)

What's forty years old, fifty feet tall, 7,000 pounds, and made of rope? It's the sculpture being taken down from San Francisco's Embarcadero station. "By the end of the month, "Legs" will be part of BART's past, much like grungy brown upholstered seats and free parking." (SF Gate)

And prepare to be jealous, cyclists in, well, everywhere that's not the Bay Area: BART's new subway cars might have bike racks. Although the idea "elicited a range of comments — from ‘does not provide enough dedicated space for bicycles’ to ‘provides too much dedicated space for bicycles.’" (East Bay Express)

A man stuck in the Las Vegas airport overnight staved off boredom by shooting a music video for Celine Dion's song "All By Myself." Plus, he got a free flight voucher. (Huffington Post)

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