TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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NYC Hits 100 Traffic Deaths (link)


Today is G.M.'s moment of truth: this morning the automaker will release the results of an internal investigation into its mishandled car recall. (AP)

Key questions to watch for: what did senior executives know, and when did they know it? And will anyone be fired? (Freep)

"The report will be painful, officials who have read it say, and will dredge up GM’s corporate-culture failings and other problems over the past decade." (Detroit News)

Is Brazil ready for the World Cup? Um..."The infrastructure upgrades — roads, airports, bus and train lines — are in even worse shape: Less than half of what was promised will actually be delivered, and many of the projects are incomplete." (NPR)

Meanwhile, São Paulo subway workers are striking today. Hey, when does the World Cup kickoff? NEXT THURSDAY. (WSJ)

San Francisco transit sickout, day three: cable cars sat idle Wednesday, but bus and subway improved slightly. (SacBee)

The number of wheelchair-accessible cabs in NYC is set to grow. (NYDN)

Two railroad companies want to prevent the public from knowing details about oil shipments through Washington state. (AP)

Giant piles of dirt could be the reason support piers have shifted on a Delaware bridge, forcing its closure for emergency work. (Delaware Online)

One in seven NY MTA workers is making $100,000 a year or more. (NYPost)

A private company says it can build a high-speed rail line linking Dallas to Houston. Travel time: 90 minutes. (Politico) Current drive time, according to Google maps: about 3.5 hours.

An iconic Brooklyn sign could be removed. (Gothamist)

Does the advent of the self-driving car have you thinking you never want to drive again? Well, here's your reading list. (Longreads)