TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Port Authority -- Or Politburo? (link)

All Your NYC Traffic Safety Questions Answered (link)


A D.C. couple invented a child seat for Capital Bikeshare. Capital Bikeshare's reaction: cease and desist. (WAMU)

Philadelphia will begin piloting all-night SEPTA subway service later this month. (

San Francisco's transit sickout could ease up today -- and cable cars could start running this afternoon. (ABC)

When it comes to federal airport funding, New Jersey ranks dead last in dollars per passenger. And New York isn't doing much better. "New York and New Jersey airports received a total of $121 million in program funds for fiscal year 2013 and had 63.4 million departing passengers, while Delaware, Wyoming and Alaska received almost twice as much money — $216 million — while serving about 4.8 million passengers." (Star-Ledger)

How NYC defeated subway graffiti: line by line, train by train. (99% Invisible)

Chicago's transit system removed two engineers from duty following two recent incidents when trains suddenly tilted precariously, causing riders to "collectively gasp."  (Tribune)

France is experimenting with paying people to cycle to work. (Reuters via Yahoo)

A plan to centralize taxi driver training in NYC is causing tsuris. (NYDN)

As Myanmar modernizes, its architectural heritage is at risk. (NPR)

The city of Oakland, CA, doesn't offer subsidized transportation for students — which leave some students struggling to get to school. (KALW)

Prediction: the market for self-driving cars will be worth $87 billion by 2030. (IEEE Spectrum)

So isn't time we had a conversation about robot morals? Think before you climb inside that Google car! (New Tech City)

Meanwhile, flying cars could be just two years away. (Paleofuture)

Tesla's 'gigafactory' bake-off just got one state bigger. (Forbes)

The Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights is getting a bike lane in order to combat the area's "hostile bicycling environment." (DNA Info)

How bad street design kills pedestrians: "The problem in this country is that our streets have historically been designed for speed, to help cars go as fast as possible." (Gizmodo)

The eternal Citi Bike docking struggle, captured on film. Come for the schadenfreude; stay for the Salt-n-Pepa*. And push it real good. (The Awl)

*Salt-n-Pepa are still together and will be playing the Highline Ballroom Friday.