TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Beijing subway riders lining up outside a station to go through a security check before entering


Massimo Vignelli, Designer of Iconic NYC Subway Map, Dies (link)

Metro Takes Over Silver Line; Summer Opening Date Planned (link)

Select Bus Service Comes to 125th Street — Sort of (link)

Citi Bike Celebrates Anniversary With Cupcakes and Complaints (link)


Streetcar gut check: D.C.'s Council may vote today to scale back both the budget and the revenue stream for the city's proposed streetcar system. (WaPo)

The Port Authority board will vote today on a funding package for 3 World Trade. (Capital NY)

Beijing's subway is seeing staggering lines after introducing new anti-terror security checkpoints at major stations in the wake of recent bombings in China’s northwest. (RT)

Wichita is weighing sales tax for transit funding. (KWCH)

A crackdown on bad biking behavior in Manhattan is renewing calls for the city to adopt the 'Idaho Stop.' (NYDN)

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TSA backscatter machines are being repurposed in prisons. (The Hill)

A Northern Virginia woman who took 11 trips on the 495 Express Lanes is being charged more than $10,000 in tolls, administrative fees, court costs and civil penalties. (WTOP)

Getting rid of Detroit's abandoned homes, retail spaces and factories could cost the city $2 billion. (Freep)

Further proof walking is good for you: when older people walk now, they stay independent later. (NPR)

Check out San Diego's new seven-mile bike loop. (KPBS)

South Korea is creating 'women only' parking spaces "which are longer, wider and marked with pink outlines." (Independent)

Hey look: Google is becoming a car manufacturer (NPR). And the next generation of Google car doesn't have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal, "because they don't need them." (Google Blog)