TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Later this year, General Motors will put Internet connectivity directly into its vehicles. "Automakers face a dilemma: If they don't provide drivers with at least some of the options they have on their phones, they won't use the car systems; they'll just use the phone." (NPR)

L.A.'s MTA is voting on fare increases today. (KPCC)

The traffic death of 9-year-old Cooper Stock was preventable. Here's how. (Yahoo News)

Houston's Metro will soon figure out how to get its new East End light rail line past a busy freight rail crossing. Overpass or underpass? (Houston Public Media)

Have you played around with NY Train Project yet?

The Boston bus driver who crashed through a guardrail, leaving the front end of her bus hanging over the Massachusetts Turnpike, has lost her license. (AP via WBUR)

Forget big suburban campuses -- savvy companies are moving to cities "because they need to be close to talented workers who favor places that are walkable, bike-able and connected by transit." (Quartz)

An adult black bear lifted a cub off a busy highway in Canada. And she reportedly shook her head before pulling her child out of traffic. Bear mothers! They're just as judgmental as humans! (NBC)

Bus drivers are on strike in Sao Paulo, Brazil (yes, that Brazil, where the World Cup will be played next month), and chaos doesn't even begin to describe what's happening in the subways, which are getting the spillover. (h/t WaPo