TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Air pollution in Beijing


NYC Opens Traffic Crash Data -- Finally (link)

VIDEO: Cute Kids, Catchy Music Push City's Traffic Safety Plan (link)

Governor Cuomo Wants Post-Sandy "Reinvention" Of NYC Transit (link)

While Uber Skirts D.C. Taxi Surcharge Rules, Some Drivers Pay Twice (link)


D.C.'s streetcar is still months away from opening, but plans for its next phase are underway. (WaPo)

Why bus rapid transit is stalling in the Bay Area: "It has languished in a lengthy planning, review and public-participation process that has looked at everything from the loss of parking to the preservation of allegedly historic streetlights." (SF Gate)

Airlines are collecting less in bag fees, but they've found a way to make some of that money back -- selling leg room. (AP)

Air quality is deteriorating in cities worldwide. "Only 12% of the people living in cities reporting on air quality reside in cities where this complies with WHO air quality guideline levels." (World Health Organization)

Former New York MTA head Jay Walder will be resigning from Hong Kong's rail system. "Mr. Walder was paid about $1.56 million in salary and bonus in 2012, more than four times his $350,000 annual paycheck at New York's MTA." (WSJ)

The U.S. DOT is ordering some large shipments of crude oil by rail to only use newer tank cars. And railroads must notify officials in each state where the trains will travel. (The Hill)

One week after opening to the public, Florida's SunRail trains are running at capacity. (WMFE)