TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Photos: The Second Avenue Subway, Under Construction (link)

Subway Derailment in Queens Injures 19 (link)


The head of Amtrak says the clock is ticking on the lifespan of New York's aging Hudson River rail tunnels. "I’m being told we got something less than 20 years before we have to shut one or two down," says Joe Boardman. (Capital NY)

The piece of subway rail involved in Friday's derailment was brand spankin' new. “We’re going to track down other rails from this shipment and see where they went," says an MTA spokesman. (NYDN)

Traffic fatalities are falling across the U.S., but pedestrian deaths... just aren't. (NYT)

Related: four NYT employees describe being the physical impact of being hit by cars -- and the psychological aftermath. "Its front tire rolled over my right foot and I was dragged down while the rear wheel rolled over my left side." (NYT)

The D.C. region is experiencing a "pandemic of potholes." Expensive, car-eating potholes. "You don’t think they’re going to do you in until you see transmission fluid on your garage floor," said one victim. (WaPo)

A community group is suing San Francisco over the city's plan to collect $1 rent from the Google buses using public bus stops. (Bloomberg)

Blessed be thy bicycle: bikes get "a little extra mojo" at a NYC church. (NPR)

Our colleague Alex Goldmark tells us yesterday's Five Boro Bike Tour was a little crowded for his taste -- so he went rogue. Here's a snap from his own one-boro bike tour.