TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Cyclists ride Citi Bikes past Washington Square Park in late April.


D.C. Regulators Try To Tackle 'Rideshare' Insurance Confusion (link)

Devil Is In the Details of NYC Traffic Safety Bills (link)


The company that operates New York City's bike share may get a new investor — which could lead to expanding the system and fixing the software. (WSJ)

A NJ shore road destroyed during Sandy is being rebuilt with bike lanes. (Star-Ledger)

A subway crash in Seoul injured 200 people. (Reuters)

Pittsburgh is expanding its network of 'smart' traffic signals — lights that communicate with each other to minimize wait time for drivers. Transit and pedestrian upgrades coming in the next version. (Post-Gazette)

You go, girls: Afghanistan now has a female cycling team. (NPR)

Tesla is not only building a 'gigafactory,' but it's "stealthily" adding a second California facility as well. (Venture Beat)

Behold: an inflatable car seat. (Fast CoExist)

A group of sailors and entrepreneurs just got a grant to make San Francisco the first city in the nation to run wind-powered ferry service. (Chronicle)

A Florida man who drove around with a cell phone jammer has been fined. "Humphreys said he was seeking to prevent drivers from talking on cell phones." (Tampa Bay Business Journal)

By popular demand, the video of a street collapse in Baltimore after this week's heavy rains. Pro tip: focus on the last 15 seconds, and turn the speaker volume down.