TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A Brooklyn MTA bus.


Labor Deal for Bus and Subway Workers (link

Delays Persist on D.C.'s Silver Line Project. (link)


Slower speeds are coming to the Grand Concourse, with a new 25-mph zone. (NY Daily News)

The captain delayed evacuation of the ferry capsized off the coast of South Korea, and the vice-principal rescued from the boat was found dead in an apparent suicide. (NPR, CNN)

An American plane spotted at an Tehran airport is raising questions about the "shadowy role of American banks in private aircraft ownership." (NY Times)

The MTA pulls ads thanking Gov. Cuomo for Sandy Aid, which were put up "without consultation with or approval by the governor’s office." (NY Daily News)

Chicago's transit authority hopes to speed up commutes with a new train bypass, but it will have to raze 16 buildings to build the flyover. (Chicago Tribune)

The Bay Area's transit system was fined $210,00 for an accident that killed two workers during last year's strike. (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

Maybe the viral video of the guy getting kicked in the head by a train conductor is real after all. (Washington Post)

And the car accidentally stolen by a Brooklyn woman's nice Midwestern mom found its way back home. (NY Magazine)