TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Repairs on the "D-" Pulaski Skyway Start Saturday (link)

Sleep Disorders + Shift Work = Danger (link)


D.C. Metro's federal funding is in "real jeopardy," says one senator, reacting to a recent audit of the transit agency. (Washington Post)

Car theft is down in NYC -- unless you own an old, heavy clunker, which is catnip for thieves looking for scrap metal. (NYT)

NJ Transit has "no culture of safety," according to a union official. (Star-Ledger)

The MTA is promising to review its advertising standards following an angry letter from an aide to New York Governor Cuomo over the boob job subway ads. (NYDN)

Is transit ridership on the upswing, or isn't it? NYC skews the numbers. (Minn Post)

Northern Manhattan is getting two miles of bike lanes. (DNA Info)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford won't back a program to make one street pedestrian-only on Sundays. “I can’t support that. We have to have traffic flowing in the city. People want to do their yoga, we have tons of parks. Or whatever the purpose was of closing the streets.” (National Post)

Not all those container ships make it across the ocean with their cargo intact. "It is conceivable that 100,000 tons of substances in packaged form – many of which may be harmful – are falling off ships in containers each year." (NOAA study)