TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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G Train Faces Summer Shutdown (link)

Ghostly Rides Mark Cyclists' Deaths (link)


Over the last decade, federal inspectors have found more than 7,100 defects and deficiencies in Metro-North Railroad, but regulators didn't investigate until last year. Also: "inspections during 2013 uncovered five times as many issues per 100 miles of track as similar inspections of other commuter railroads." (Journal News)

States are starting to raise gas taxes in an effort to pay for infrastructure. (WSJ)

The Chicago transit operator who admitted dozing off at the controls of a train that plowed into the platform at O'Hare International Airport was fired Friday. (Tribune)

Everything you need to know about boarding Amtrak, including how to avoid its "insane" rules. (Vox)

One startup company is trying to poach tech talent at San Francisco bus stops. (SF Chronicle)

Chicago is building 20 more miles of bike lanes this year. (Tribune)

Transit workers in Philadelphia aren't striking today. (AP via

The Bay Area's bike share program should reach the East Bay by next spring. (SF Gate)

Going to the Yankees home opener today? Ride the nostalgia train to the Bronx. (MTA)

Kampala's DIY public transportation system: $1 motorcycle rides. (NPR)

Canada's Transportation Safety Board found that rail companies aren't reporting all derailments. (CBC)

A Staten Island Ferry captain told the New York Post -- anonymously -- that the boats are unsafe. (link)

Janette Sadik-Khan, former NYC DOT head, was in L.A. celebrating car-free streets this weekend.