TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Fixing the Port Authority: Here's What's on the Table (link)

D.C. Regulators to Focus on Rideshare Apps -- and Drivers (link)


L.A.'s Westside Subway extension survived a legal challenge brought by Beverly Hills High School. (L.A. Times)

The Koch brothers are funding opposition to a bus rapid transit line in Nashville. (Salon)

Tesla is challenging New Jersey's ban on direct car sales. (Bloomberg)

The head of General Motors faced a furious Senate hearing. But despite some predictions (“I think it is likely and appropriate that G.M. will face prosecution”), it may be hard to build a criminal case against the automaker over safety violations. (NYT)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on a state task force recommendation that the city's transit system go regional: "This is what happens when you lock up a lot of propeller heads in a room for a short period of time." (Tribune)

San Francisco's dynamic parking pricing program has cut cruising for spaces by 50 percent. (Next City)

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It may be your day off, but it turns out that if you're a New York MTA employee, you still can't take part in the annual No Pants Subway Ride. (NYDN)

North Carolina may start taxing drivers by the mile -- instead of by the gallon. (News Observer)

Over the protests of the mayor of Minneapolis, local leaders endorsed a plan to sink part of the Southwest Corridor light rail line in a tunnel. (Star Tribune)

Why Delta cancels less flights than other airlines. (WSJ)

A NYC school bus driver caught cheating in a DMV test-taking scam turned himself in -- by parking his bus in front of the Manhattan D.A.'s office. (NY Post)

Cycling in Texas is "on fire" -- in part because traffic is so bad. (NPR)

The 'School Bus of the Future,' unveiled recently in Dallas, looks a lot like the School Bus of Today, but it has a 'pedophile finder' camera.  (Dallas Observer)

A British artist is setting up a 'park and slide' -- a 300 ft. long water slide linking two streets in Bristol, England. (Huh)

Remember the halcyon days of yesterday, when a protest against Google's tech buses involved futuristic clown costumes and yoga balls? How quickly things have devolved. (SF Gate)