TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A tunnel plug under development by ILC Dover. If successfully prototyped and tested, the MTA hopes the technology could be applied to portals and stairwells to prevent flooding.


 'Broken Windows' and Vision Zero (link)


New York Governor Cuomo is proposing a $4.9 billion plan to protect the city's transit system from superstorms — but the federal government only has $3 billion available in funding for the entire seaboard. (NYDN)

A new Boston program lets doctors 'prescribe' bike share for low-income residents. (Globe)

The mayors of Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth are backing a high-speed rail line linking their cities. (Houston Public Media)

The bus strike in Burlington, Vermont — now entering its second week — is hitting school children and immigrants the hardest. (AP via WaPo)

The search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has shifted 700 miles to the northeast. (NPR)

Today's freight trains are "computers on wheels." (Forbes)

Tesla is planning a fix for those Model S battery fires. (Detroit News)

Chennai — the 'Detroit of India — now has the country's biggest bus system. (Sustainable Cities Collective)

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, OH MY LORD MAKE THE HONKING STOP. (Jalopnik)

Starting this weekend: late-night service on Boston's transit system begins. TONIGHT. (Globe)