TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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A NYC transit snow thrower, moving into position


Live in the NY area? Here's the latest on your snow commute. (Link)

Mayor de Blasio: Traffic Fatalities "A Huge Public Safety Problem" (link)


The big storm in the northeast has brought travel problems, but transit in NYC and Boston is running, albeit a little slower than usual. But airlines...not so much. (MBTA, MTA, NPR)

China's gridlock problem, in a nutshell: "There are too many people. Public transportation is far from sufficient to satisfy demand." (WSJ)

We just can't quit you, you conceptual 137-mile elevated London bikeway. (Wired)

Port Authority officials are bristling at the environmental review process to hoist the Bayonne Bridge. "We’re not proposing to build a nuclear plant on a pristine mountain lake." (NYT)

Schoolbuses in Montgomery County, Maryland, are now equipped with cameras -- the better to issue tickets to cars who illegally pass them. (WJLA)

Houston's medical center area is getting a major pedestrian upgrade. (KUHF)

Photos: the lost subway stations of ... London. Check out the posters dating back to WWII. (BBC)