TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web

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Here's a video sneak peak of D.C.'s new Silver Line, which hasn't opened yet. (Link)

Report: Social media and sharing are leading to a decline in car ownership. (Link)

Metro-North says there will be reimbursement for outages, and also an investigation. (Link)



Washington, D.C. Metro ridership was unusual with the federal gov't shut down.  (WaPo)

We reported yesterday on the roughly 1/3 of DOT workers are furloughed due to the shutdown. (Link) KUHF went and checked on some NASA workers. (Link)

Politico points out: "For once, the unique way highway and transit programs are funded may be a blessing instead of a curse." Highway funds are not included in shutdown. (Link)

Twenty years ago today, the gas tax rose 4.3 cents per gallon — from 14.1 cents to 18.4 cents — and it’s stayed flat ever since. Meanwhile, gas prices have more than tripled. (HoustonChron via Politico)

Citing all the legal challenges to ride sharing, a founder of Sidecar quits. (PandoDaily)

NYC mayoral candidate Joe Lhota courts outer-borough voters with a call for road widening. (CapitalNY)

NYT Op-Ed contributor lays out some ways to fix Penn Station without rebuilding it. (Link)

The NY MTA is cracking down on its own drivers who are using cell phones behind the wheel. (NYDailyNews)

The head of the NY/NJ Port Authority is fuming over how some lanes were closed on access roads to the George Washington Bridge. (WSJ)

Many LA light rail stations use the honor system, but Metro is busting out gates to end that. (TransitWire)

You can "see" trains under the rivers in this Foursquare timelapse of NYC checkins. (PSFK)

Brace yourself and watch a trippy video of a commuter train ride recorded with a handheld 3D scanner. (PopSci)