TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

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Want to Increase Transit Usage? Ditch Free Parking, Says Study (link)

Listen to a conversation about saving Citi Bike on the Brian Lehrer Show (link)


Just when you thought the threat of a Long Island Rail Road strike was over, you are reminded that engineers don't have a contract. (Newsday)

The new House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), is promising to "do all that I can to ensure not one dollar of federal funding goes to boondoggles like [California's] high-speed rail." (The Hill)

The transportation kinks ("agonizing postgame traffic jams and long lines at light-rail stations") are still being ironed out of the San Francisco' 49ers new stadium. (SFGate)

The possibility of expanding transit to Georgia's Clayton County is kindling interest for a commuter rail line between Atlanta and Macon. (WABE)

Amtrak will provide information on crude oil shipments moving through states...even as states will not. (McClatchy via Merced Sun-Star)

The U.K.'s Labour Party wants to re-nationalize the country's rail system. (Guardian)

One nonprofit is tackling Camden's urban blight through the creative use of paint. (Marketplace)

Yes, there's a Game of Thrones subway map. Westeros's rail infrastructure is amazing -- but service to Valyria has been discontinued. (

A police cruiser has been parked in a bike lane on NYC's Second Avenue for...well, at last count, over 108 hours.