My Turn: Timothy Geithner's Take on the Financial Crisis

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Timothy Geithner releases his insider account of what happened during the financial crisis next week. Stress Test details what he did to save the U.S. economy while he was President of the New York Federal Reserve and later as President Obama's first Treasury Secretary. The book's publisher describes it as the "definitive account of the unprecedented effort to save the U.S. economy from collapse."This week on Money Talking, Ben White of Politico and Diane Brady of Bloomberg BusinessWeek discuss whether it's likely to offer new insights into the financial meltdown and if the general public is even paying attention these days.

Then again, with details such as this one from a just released profile of Geithner by the New York Times Andrew Ross Sorkin, they might.

"At another point, he [Geithner] cheerfully relayed a story that also appears in his book about the time he sought advice from Bill Clinton on how to pursue a more populist strategy: 'You could take Lloyd Blankfein into a dark alley,' Clinton said, 'and slit his throat, and it would satisfy them for about two days. Then the blood lust would rise again.'"