Why We Need 'Better' Free Speech in the Digital Age

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An elderly Chinese man holds up a newspaper with the front-page of Chinese new year near other one which reads: "Egypt's disturbances may upset Mideast situation" at a newsstand in Beijing.

Historian and Oxford University professor Timothy Garton Ash argues in his new book, Free Speech: 10 Principles for a Connected World, that in our technology-driven, interconnected world, free speech is essential to our survival. He discusses freespeechdebate.com, an international project conducted out of Oxford University which is devoted to promoting “better” free speech.

Event: Timothy Garton Ash will be giving a lecture titled, "Free Speech in an Age of Trumpery" at The New School as part of the Hans Maeder Lecture Series on Thursday, September 29 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Bob and Sheila Hoerle Lecture Hall, University Center, UL105 (63 Fifth Avenue, b/w E. 13th and E. 14th Street).