Timesify Makes It Look Like You're Reading a New York Times Article, Even When You're Not

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Every human adult person has at least one website they read religiously, but that they shamefully alt + tab away from whenever a coworker walks by. 

This is the website that does not possibly look like it could be work-related, or gives you away as being sillier or more superficial or lonelier or more bored or _______ than you’d like to admit.

Timesify is a new service that solves the problem of disguising the dumb crap you are reading at work. It disguises whatever website you’re reading and makes it look like it’s a New York Times article. Genius. 

On a related / tangential note, doesn’t it feel like there should be a name for every person’s persistent shame tab? Everyone has one, and if you knew what someone’s was, you’d know something about a part of them they were constantly trying to hide.