Tim Daly: Mr. Madam Secretary

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Tim Daly with Ophira Eisenberg on Ask Me Another.

Madam Secretary star Tim Daly says men come up to him all the time to thank him for portraying a "competent" man on TV. Daly, who in the show plays the husband of the Secretary of State, told host Ophira Eisenberg that the portrayal can sometimes get a little out of hand. "In the first season...by the the fourth episode I'd cooked like fourteen meals, and I was like okay...if I'm playing a 21st century version of a housewife...I don't want to do that either!"

As the lead in the popular 90s series Wings, Daly is no newcomer to the attention. He does, however, feel like Wings deserves to be remembered more. "Somebody sent me a clip...and I thought...this is funny!...I think it deserves to be known as one of the great, sort of classic sitcoms of that era." In the same decade, Daly began one of his other most beloved roles — as the voice of Superman in a number of TV shows and films.

Yet it was a role in 2007 that led him to finally meet his "White House Correspondent Dinner girlfriend" — none other than former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. Daly told Eisenberg, "(She) looked at me, she said 'Oh My God! Pete from Private Practice!'" It turns out, this was Albright's favorite show.

For his special Ask Me Another challenge, we decided to ask the man behind Superman about some lesser-known superheroes and supervillains. Daly hears their names and a description of their powers and must guess if they're real, or if we made them up.

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