Three Questions About Bloomberg

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Note: We are re-airing this special on January 1st, 2014 in the 10am hour. Starting at 11, live Inauguration Day coverage hosted by Brian can be found here and live on WNYC.

Three questions about Mike Bloomberg and your life in New York City as he prepares to step down from office.

Question One: Did Bloomberg Make You Healthier?

From smoking bans to calorie counts and gun violence, Bloomberg claims to have vastly improved the health of the average New Yorker. Marion Nestle, nutrition and health policy professor at NYU, and Richard Aborn of the Citizens Crime Commission discuss his health legacy.

Question Two: Did Bloomberg Leave You Behind?

Rents are high, inequality is even higher, but the overall economy of New York continues to grow. Andrew Beveridge of Social Explorer looks at the demographic, development, and neighborhood wealth shifts over the last twelve years; and Mark Winston Griffith of the Brooklyn Movement Center discusses income inequality and poverty.

Question Three: Did Bloomberg Secure Our Future?

Bloomberg's PlaNYC is an ambitious blueprint for a city that is greener, healthier, and more efficient for decades to come. Bloomberg leaves Bill de Blasio a balanced budget, but without civil service union contracts. And New York's tech sector continues to grow even as questions remain about whether it can drive the NYC economy of the future. Former Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser looks at what Bloomberg initiatives will continue to have a long-term impact on our city.

Data Set: 2000-2012 By the Numbers (via Andrew Beveridge)

See the spreadsheet in a new window here.